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Equality and inclusion for people with disabilities

Recommendation 2064 (2015)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 30 January 2015 (9th Sitting) (see Doc. 13650, report of the Committee on Equality and Non-Discrimination, rapporteur: Ms Carmen Quintanilla). Text adopted by the Assembly on 30 January 2015 (9th Sitting).
1. The Parliamentary Assembly refers to its Resolution 2039 (2015) on equality and inclusion for people with disabilities.
2. The Assembly welcomes the contribution of the Council of Europe Action Plan to promote the rights and full participation of people with disabilities in society: improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in Europe 2006-2015 to the development of national policies which take account of the rights of people with disabilities. The action plan has also helped to make people see disability as a human rights issue.
3. The Assembly notes, however, that the full enjoyment of the rights of people with disabilities has by no means been achieved in Council of Europe member States. The principles set out in international instruments are not reflected in the everyday reality experienced by people with disabilities. Resolute action by the Council of Europe and the member States in the area of disability is therefore necessary.
4. The Assembly therefore recommends that the Committee of Ministers:
4.1 evaluate the implementation of the Action Plan for people with disabilities 2006-2015 and draw lessons from the ten-year period during which it was implemented in the member States;
4.2 define on this basis a new road map for the period from 2016 to 2020, in close consultation with the organisations representing people with disabilities;
4.3 focus this new road map on priority issues such as the legal capacity of people with disabilities and the measures aimed at ensuring their dignity and full inclusion in society;
4.4 invite the Council of Europe Development Bank to make compliance with accessibility requirements a condition for granting loans for construction and renovation projects and not to finance the construction of large institutions for people with disabilities;
4.5 ensure that disability is taken into account in the specific activities conducted by the Council of Europe, in particular in Council of Europe activities and campaigns to combat violence and hate speech.