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Condemnation of attempts at Second World War revisionism

Written declaration No. 702 | Doc. 15058 | 30 January 2020

Mr Petr TOLSTOI, Russian Federation, NR ; Ms Gökay AKBULUT, Germany, UEL ; Mr Ziya ALTUNYALDIZ, Turkey, NR ; Mr Sos AVETISYAN, Armenia, SOC ; Mr Kamil AYDIN, Turkey, NR ; Mr Radovan BALÁŽ, Slovak Republic, EC/DA ; Mr Aleksandr BASHKIN, Russian Federation, NR ; Mr Vlad BATRINCEA, Republic of Moldova, SOC ; Mr Ľuboš BLAHA, Slovak Republic, SOC ; Ms Rósa Björk BRYNJÓLFSDÓTTIR, Iceland, UEL ; Mr Maurizio BUCCARELLA, Italy, NR ; Mr Cemal ÇETİN, Turkey, NR ; Ms Edita ĐAPO, Bosnia and Herzegovina, EPP/CD ; Ms Sabrina DE CARLO, Italy, NR ; Mr Constantinos EFSTATHIOU, Cyprus, SOC ; Mr Mehmet Mehdi EKER, Turkey, NR ; Mr Yunus EMRE, Turkey, SOC ; Mr Andrey EPISHIN, Russian Federation, NR ; Ms Christiana EROTOKRITOU, Cyprus, SOC ; Mr Sergey FABRICHNYY, Russian Federation, NR ; Ms Sevinj FATALIYEVA, Azerbaijan, EC/DA ; Ms Dubravka FILIPOVSKI, Serbia, EPP/CD ; Ms Sahiba GAFAROVA, Azerbaijan, EC/DA ; Mr Pavol GOGA, Slovak Republic, SOC ; Ms Emine Nur GÜNAY, Turkey, NR ; Mr Sabir HAJIYEV, Azerbaijan, SOC ; Mr Nagif HAMZAYEV, Azerbaijan, NR ; Ms Tatevik HAYRAPETYAN, Armenia, EPP/CD ; Mr Andrej HUNKO, Germany, UEL ; Mr Rafael HUSEYNOV, Azerbaijan, ALDE ; Mr Hovhannes IGITYAN, Armenia, ALDE ; Mr Igor KAGRAMANYAN, Russian Federation, NR ; Mr Sergey KALASHNIKOV, Russian Federation, UEL ; Mr Leonid KALASHNIKOV, Russian Federation, UEL ; Mr Georgios KATROUGKALOS, Greece, UEL ; Mr Akif Çağatay KILIÇ, Turkey, NR ; Mr Sergey KISLYAK, Russian Federation, NR ; Mr Haluk KOÇ, Turkey, SOC ; Ms Alfiia KOGOGINA, Russian Federation, NR ; Mr Jérôme LAMBERT, France, SOC ; Mr Igor LEBEDEV, Russian Federation, NR ; Mr George LOUCAIDES, Cyprus, UEL ; Mr Alvise MANIERO, Italy, NR ; Mr Edmon MARUKYAN, Armenia, ALDE ; Mr Mikayel MELKUMYAN, Armenia, EC/DA ; Ms Cornelia MÖHRING, Germany, UEL ; Mr Marco NICOLINI, San Marino, UEL ; Ms Snježana NOVAKOVIĆ BURSAĆ, Bosnia and Herzegovina, NR ; Mr Žarko OBRADOVIĆ, Serbia, SOC ; Mr Yury OLEINIKOV, Russian Federation, NR ; Mr Sergei PAKHOMOV, Russian Federation, NR ; Ms Biljana PANTIĆ PILJA, Serbia, EPP/CD ; Mr Frédéric REISS, France, EPP/CD ; Mr Alberto RIBOLLA, Italy, EC/DA ; Ms Irina RODNINA, Russian Federation, NR ; Mr Ruben RUBINYAN, Armenia, EPP/CD ; Ms Irina RUKAVISHNIKOVA, Russian Federation, NR ; Mr Nikolai RYZHAK, Russian Federation, UEL ; Mr Ali ŞAHİN, Turkey, NR ; Mr Shamsail SARALIEV, Russian Federation, NR ; Mr Filippo SCERRA, Italy, NR ; Mr Francesco SCOMA, Italy, EPP/CD ; Mr Aleksandar ŠEŠELJ, Serbia, NR ; Mr Samad SEYIDOV, Azerbaijan, EC/DA ; Mr Zafer SIRAKAYA, Turkey, NR ; Mr Leonid SLUTSKIY, Russian Federation, NR ; Ms Aleksandra TOMIĆ, Serbia, EPP/CD ; Mr Alexandros TRIANTAFYLLIDIS, Greece, UEL ; Mr Jiři VALENTA, Czech Republic, UEL ; Mr Vladimir VARDANYAN, Armenia, EPP/CD ; Mr Gaik VARTANEAN, Republic of Moldova, SOC ; Ms Victoria VELASQUEZ, Denmark, UEL ; Mr Manuel VESCOVI, Italy, EC/DA ; Ms Serap YAŞAR, Turkey, NR ; Ms Zeynep YILDIZ, Turkey, NR ; Ms Svetlana ZHUROVA, Russian Federation, NR ; Ms Naira ZOHRABYAN, Armenia, EC/DA

We, the undersigned, declare the following:

The Second World War was an enormous tragedy for the nations of Europe, as well as for the entire world as a whole, leaving tens of millions dead in European countries.

The Nuremberg Tribunal carried out a rigorous legal analysis of the events of that time, convicting the perpetrators of barbaric crimes against humanity.

Sadly, with the passage of time, not only are the lessons of history now being forgotten but they are also being deliberately distorted for political ends. There is indignation too over the destruction of burial places of soldiers who fell in the struggle to liberate Europe.

We believe it necessary that history textbooks for schools and universities in all Council of Europe member States provide truthful information on the Second World War taking account of the views endorsed by the Nuremberg Tribunal in 1946.

As the 75thanniversary of the end of the Second World War draws near, we condemn any attempts to distort the historical truth and we call for support for the global initiative to grant World heritage status to the Victory over nazism in the Second World War and the monuments to those who fought against nazism in all countries.