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Review of the partnership for democracy in respect of the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 15184 | 16 November 2020

Dame Cheryl GILLAN, United Kingdom, EC/DA ; Ms Theodora BAKOYANNIS, Greece, EPP/CD ; Ms Deborah BERGAMINI, Italy, EPP/CD ; Lord David BLENCATHRA, United Kingdom, EC/DA ; Mr Koloman BRENNER, Hungary, NR ; Ms Rósa Björk BRYNJÓLFSDÓTTIR, Iceland, UEL ; Mr Róbert DUDÁS, Hungary, NR ; Ms Andrea EDER-GITSCHTHALER, Austria, EPP/CD ; Mr Sokratis FAMELLOS, Greece, UEL ; Mr Piero FASSINO, Italy, SOC ; Mr Kimmo KILJUNEN, Finland, SOC ; Mr Eduard KÖCK, Austria, EPP/CD ; Mr Tiny KOX, Netherlands, UEL ; Ms Yuliya LOVOCHKINA, Ukraine, SOC ; Mr Jacques MAIRE, France, ALDE ; Mr Zsolt NÉMETH, Hungary, EPP/CD ; Mr Andreas NICK, Germany, EPP/CD ; Ms Ria OOMEN-RUIJTEN, Netherlands, EPP/CD ; Mr Joseph O'REILLY, Ireland, EPP/CD ; Mr Gonzalo ROBLES, Spain, EPP/CD

In April 2014, the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic was granted, by Resolution 1984 (2014), the status of partner for democracy which was established by the Parliamentary Assembly in 2009 to develop co-operation with parliaments of the neighbouring States of the Council of Europe.

On making its official request for this status, the Parliament of the Kyrgyz Republic declared that it shared the same values as those upheld by the Council of Europe and made political commitments in accordance with Rule 62.2 (currently 64.2) of the Rules of Procedure of the Assembly.

The Assembly pointed out that “progress in taking forward reforms is the prime aim of the partnership for democracy and should constitute the benchmark for assessing the efficiency of this partnership” (paragraph 19 of Resolution 1984 (2014)). The Assembly therefore decided to examine the progress made in implementing the political commitments entered into by the Kyrgyz Parliament and the reforms that are considered to be essential.

Following the reportedly rigged parliamentary elections held on 4 October 2020, Kyrgyzstan has been in turmoil. The President, the Speaker of Parliament and many other high officials were forced to resign. The normal functioning of democratic institutions and processes has been disrupted.

In view of these developments, the Assembly should review the situation in the country and reassess its position with regard to its partnership with the Kyrgyz Parliament.