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Conclusions of the Ad Hoc Assembly relating to the draft treaty setting up a European Political Community (Economic and Social Council)

Opinion | Doc. 107 | 16 January 1953

Committee on Economic Affairs and Development
Rapporteur :
Mr Roger MOTZ, Belgium
See 4th Session, 1952 : Doe. 35 (Request for inclusion in the Agenda). 1953 - Extraordinary Session

The Committee on Economic Questions, after having examined the paragraphs of the Report of the Constitutional Committee of the Ad Hoc Assembly relating to the constitution of an Economic and Social Council, expressed the view that it was impossible for it to decide upon the advisability of establishing an Economic and Social Council within the framework of the Council of Europe until the economic functions of the Political Community had been determined. It instructed its Rapporteur to present it with a Report at the next Session of the Assembly taking into account the Conclusions of the Ad Hoc Assembly on this subject.