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Mr Sylvain WASERMAN (France, ALDE)


In the political groups

  • Member: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe from 28/01/2020 to 19/11/2020
  • Vice-Chairperson: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe from 22/01/2018 to 27/01/2020
  • Member: Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe from 09/10/2017 to 21/01/2018

In the Assembly

  • from 09/10/2017 to 19/11/2020 Representative - France

In the committee(s) and sub-committee(s)

  • First Vice-Chairperson: Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights (from 15/11/2019 to 26/01/2020)
  • Full Member: Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights (from 09/10/2017 to 19/11/2020)
  • Full Member: Sub-Committee on the implementation of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (from 24/11/2017 to 19/11/2020)
  • Alternate of Mr André GATTOLIN (Full Member): Sub-Committee on Human Rights (from 25/01/2018 to 19/11/2020)
  • Alternate of Mr Jacques BIGOT (Full Member): Sub-Committee on the implementation of judgments of the European Court of Human Rights (from 09/10/2017 to 23/11/2017)


Last speeches

04/10/2019 | 10:19:29 Thank you, Mr President. On behalf of the ALDE Group, I would first like to congratulate Mr Raphaël COMTE on his report. I believe that, as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, your report, the rapporteur, perfectly illustrates that there are issues that we must take up because if we do not do it, I think they will stay well below public debate. I would like to emphasize in your report, your analysis of the orphan heritage, the... 01/10/2019 | 11:39:02 Thank you, Madam President. Dear colleagues, I would like to thank you for your comments and return to four points. I will not be able, in the time allotted to me, to answer all the questions that have been made. But the first point is obvious: our view on whistle-blowers has changed. At first it was sometimes considered a problem or an epiphenomenon, but it is clear that today, whistle-blowers are key building blocks, key players, in our democratic systems. Your numerous testimonies and... 01/10/2019 | 10:06:58 Thank you Madam President, Dear colleagues, The emergence of whistle-blowers is a question of fundamental rights that is based on freedom of expression, but also in fact in our society, our world of social networks and new information technologies, where every citizen who wants to whistle-blow can technically do it. The question for our states and democracies is the impact and consequences for whistle-blowers. Therefore the protection of whistle-blowers becomes a true democratic marker in our... 10/04/2019 | 18:28:31 Colleagues, we are in political and financial crisis; if we do not change anything, we will be in stalemate. I thank Mr Tiny KOX for offering us a path to follow. We are at a crossroads. Will we sit back and watch things fall apart, or will we try to find a way out of the crisis? The report reaffirms our values and mission; at a time of crisis, it is essential to do so with conviction and determination. Mr Tiny KOX also offers us pragmatic, new and interesting solutions. His proposal opens up... 10/04/2019 | 10:35:58 On behalf of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe, I thank our colleague for this excellent report, which flags up a phenomenon that has plagued our democracies for several years and that has been dangerously heightened with the emergence of social networks. We all know about the impact of hate discourse – we have already heard about it – and we know the impact it can have in the political world, which should set an example. We hear more and more hate speech from male and female...