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Mr Francesco SORBARA

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Liberal Party of Canada

Canada-Europe Parliamentary Association
CA - K1A 0A6 - Ottawa

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  • since 14/03/2022 Representative - Canada
  • from 21/01/2019 to 26/01/2020 Substitute - Canada

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22/06/2022 | 18:30:16 Thank you, Chair. Good afternoon, buona sera to all my honourable colleagues and parliamentarians. I am honoured to be here today to speak to the humanitarian consequences of migration caused by Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. I would first like to congratulate those in the room and all the member states who have already done so much to help the Ukrainian people. We Canadians have watched in admiration at the incredible generosity that Ukraine’s neighbours have shown to people fleeing... 21/06/2022 | 19:23:49 Good evening everyone. Good evening fellow parliamentarians and esteemed colleagues. Thank you to the rapporteur for this report, and thank you for the opportunity today to speak on this very important issue. Garry Kasparov, former world chess champion turned Russian political dissident testified before in the Canadian parliament that: “No one can or should be objective about repression, torture, or war. We do not owe Putin’s victims objectivity; we owe them the truth”. That was in 2016, by... 21/06/2022 | 17:33:34 Thank you, Madam Chair. It is great to be here with the honourable colleagues. Thank you to the rapporteur for the report. Fellow Parliamentarians and Esteemed Colleagues, After a two-year, three-year absence it is wonderful to be back here in Strasbourg at this honoured place. I am honoured to be here today to debate the recent security challenges in Europe. The committee’s report convincingly sets out the case for looking at security with a wider lens. “Democratic security” recognises that... 28/04/2022 | 16:34:51 Hi! Bonjour, buon pomeriggio and good afternoon, everyone. It's great to see you and the rapporteur and everyone this afternoon virtually, at least. As I mentioned yesterday, the Canadian delegation hopes to be in person. We are planning to be in person in the June and October sessions of the Council of Europe, where we'll get to see our colleagues in person. For today, it's virtual. Honourable Colleagues, Dear Colleagues, Democratic backsliding is a worrisome trend that is present both in... 27/04/2022 | 16:32:53 Good afternoon to everyone who are our friends and allies in Europe. Here, in the nation's capital, where we are currently sitting, I do want to state that we are home to one of the largest diasporas of Ukrainian people outside the Ukraine. We stand steadfast with the Ukrainian people and for the full sovereignty and democracy of Ukraine. Honourable colleagues, We are all rightly seized with the horrifying images and stories emerging from Ukrainian communities that have been liberated from...


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