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09/04/2019 | 12:08:23 I thank colleagues for their contributions to this debate. There was unity in this debate, which concerned two reports about Agenda 2030. Ms Jennifer DE TEMMERMAN and I co-operated on something that is really important for all countries, and for all of mankind. I stress the idea of co-operation. The implementation of the SDGs in Agenda 2030 requires co-operation above all. Let us not forget that the 2030 SDGs target is practically tomorrow already – it is very, very near. Implementing the... 09/04/2019 | 10:07:50 Madam Chair, dear colleagues, in December 2016 the Sub-Committee on External Relations visited New York and I had a series of meetings with United Nations officials. During the visit, many of our counterparts shared with us concerns about the increasing threat and challenge to universal human rights. Moreover, they were worried that the role of key international organisations such as the United Nations was being questioned. More generally, they spoke of the crisis of multilateralism. These... 23/01/2019 | 18:20:45 I am delighted to be with you in this afternoon’s plenary sitting to present my report, “For a disability-inclusive workforce”. Throughout Europe, people with disabilities face a whole series of obstacles if they wish to find work. Those obstacles are due to accessibility problems, over and above a certain reluctance on the part of potential employers to hire them. Generally speaking, the odds are stacked against people with a disability who are looking for work. Employment rates among people...