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Motions, Written Declarations, Questions

15/02/2021 | Doc. 15058 | Written declaration Condemnation of attempts at Second World War revisionism 15/02/2021 | Doc. 15104 | Written declaration 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War 25/10/2019 | Doc. 15003 | Written declaration German singer Saide Inac and her daughter must be immediately released from Turkish prisons 08/10/2019 | Doc. 14993 | Written declaration Call for the immediate lifting of a travel ban placed on Resit Ekinci from Recklinghausen, Germany 04/10/2019 | Doc. 14989 | Motion for a resolution Strengthening the parliamentary dialogue with Turkey concerning the situation of Turkish academics 03/10/2019 | Doc. 14981 | Written declaration Member States should take swift action to fully implement ICD-11 in national health systems 03/10/2019 | Doc. 14982 | Written declaration The Polish authorities must take action to eliminate hate speech by politicians and other public figures and ensure the rights to freedom of assembly and expression for LGBTI members of society 03/07/2019 | Doc. 14870 | Written declaration Concerns about reports of crackdown on members of the LGBTI community in Azerbaijan 03/07/2019 | Doc. 14872 | Written declaration The Armenian authorities must take action to protect LGBTI persons from violence and discrimination 28/06/2019 | Doc. 14935 | Written declaration The Turkish authorities must take action to ensure the right to freedom of peaceful assembly is effectively enjoyed by LGBTI persons as equal members of society