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25/01/2023 | 10:21:31 Mister President, Dear colleagues, I want to start by condemning in the strongest terms Russia's attack on Ukraine. Russia's cowardly actions have destroyed so many lives and caused immense suffering and destruction. I have the strongest respect for the Ukrainians and their fight for freedom and right to democracy. I want to thank Mr John HOWELL for raising also this aspect of war in his timely and balanced report. In times of crisis the environment is not on the top of people's minds, but... 21/06/2022 | 18:36:47 Thank you Mr President. Firstly, I want to thank the rapporteurs for their important and thorough work. I regret that despite numerous PACE resolutions, the human rights situation in the North Caucasus region has not improved since the last report. There has been no real progress in the implementation of the Court’s judgments and Russia is not co-operating with the Council of Europe’s monitoring bodies such as the European Committee for the Prevention of Torture and Inhuman or Degrading... 15/03/2022 | 19:11:24 Dear Mister President, Dear colleagues, First of all I want to express my deepest solidarity with Ukraine and Ukrainian people. The Ukrainian people are bravely fighting for freedom and for sovereignty. We see you and we stand by you to end the war. It’s important that we strongly and united condemn Russia’s full scale war, violations of human rights and international humanitarian law. There is simply no justification for Russia’s horrific attack against Ukraine that leads only to suffering... 29/09/2021 | 10:30:38 Mr President, dear colleagues. This is my first time and my first speech here at the Palais. First of all, there are no human rights on a dead planet. Without safeguarding the environment, we will not be able to advance human rights or any other progressive politics. Also people in Europe have seen how the right to a safe environment is being compromised through floods, droughts and wildfires. If we fail our environment, we fail to protect our human rights. This is crystal clear to an...