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Strengthening human rights protection through a positive relationship with national parliaments

In her statement to the Legal Affairs Committee, meeting in Rome, the Vice-Speaker of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, Marina Sereni, talked of the importance of good relations between national parliaments and international organisations to achieve an ever increasing level of human rights protection.

The Chairperson of the Italian delegation, Michele Nicoletti, referred to the need for a positive relationship between national parliaments and the Council of Europe to extend the scope of human rights protection and secure the independence of the judiciary. “This supervisory system is not designed to reduce one state’s sovereignty in relation to another but to make it subject to a system for the protection of human rights”, he pointed out.

As to the Minister of Justice, Andrea Orlando, he highlighted the importance in particular of the recent structural reforms that had made it possible to speed up procedures, resulting in a reduction of the number of cases before the European Court of Human Rights by about a third. “The fact that our freedoms are protected is one of the most valuable outcomes of the way we organise our societies. Disputing these rights in the fight against terrorism would be tantamount to entering the same mindset as the terrorists themselves, thus signalling our defeat”, he concluded, drawing attention to the increased emphasis currently being placed by Italy on human rights protection.

An exchange of views with the former judge of the European Court of Human Rights (for Italy), Vladimiro Zagrebelsky, made it possible to take stock of the challenges in implementing the European Convention on Human Rights.