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COVID-19: PACE meetings postponed at least until the end of March

In line with the Council of Europe’s policy on responding to the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak, all meetings of the Parliamentary Assembly or its subsidiary bodies until the end of March have been postponed, as well as all non-essential travel by members carrying out Assembly business or by staff.

This includes meetings of the Assembly’s Committees on Legal Affairs (Paris, 10 March), Social Affairs (Paris, 12 March), Culture (Paris, 16 March), Migration (Paris, 19 March), Equality (Paris, 20 March) and Monitoring (Ankara, 30-31 March).

The decision is aimed at protecting the health and safety of the members of the Assembly, invitees and the secretariat, as well as preventing further spread of the virus, in line with recommendations from the Council of Europe’s host country France and the World Health Organization.

All non-essential staff travel has also been postponed.

A decision will be taken in due course on the holding of the next plenary session of the Assembly, which is currently foreseen for 20-24 April.