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Sports policies in times of crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic has completely disrupted the world of sport and decisive action is now needed to preserve sport and physical activity as factors for human development and personal and collective well-being, as well as for social development and economic growth, the Assembly said.

Adopting a resolution based on the report prepared by Carlos Alberto Gonçalves (Portugal, EPP/CD), the parliamentarians invited member States to incorporate sport into recovery and resilience mechanisms and to integrate sport support measures into economic and social sustainable development strategies, to support the recovery of grassroots sport.

Efforts should be made, they said, to develop funding support schemes, paying particular attention to small grassroots clubs and the most vulnerable people, not forgetting women’s sport; promote the development of sports infrastructure; help low-income families to access sporting activities; adopt incentive measures to improve provision and value sport and physical education in the context of education systems.

The adopted text also calls on public authorities and sports organisations to work together to create the conditions that facilitate and normalise access to physical activity and sport and urges the sports movement to seek out, within the framework of inclusive processes, balanced solutions, so that sports competitions can take place safely, for the athletes and the public alike, and to increase the resilience of the sport system, including through enhanced financial solidarity, operating between high-level and grassroots sport, and between different sports and across the world.