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PACE President calls on Council of Europe parliaments to ensure the Organisation’s financial sustainability in case of any possible loss of funding as a result of Russia’s suspension

“I wholeheartedly welcome today’s initiative, just voted in the German Bundestag, to ensure that the Council of Europe does not suffer any medium or long term financial damage as a result of the Organisation’s decision to suspend Russia over its armed attack against Ukraine,” said PACE President Tiny Kox.

“I call on the parliaments of the 45 other Council of Europe member States to join this initiative, and to press for increased funding from their governments to cover for any possible loss of Russian contributions to the Organisation. On the basis of discussions I have had with many fellow parliamentarians from various member states, I am convinced there will be overwhelming support for this,” he said, adding: “Let there be no mistake, however: Russia remains bound to meet its financial commitments to the Council of Europe.”

The President added: “It is clear, in these darkening times, that the values which the Council of Europe upholds are more necessary than ever, and the organisation needs to remain financially sustainable in the long run. We have jointly taken a principled stand over Russia’s completely unjustified attack on Ukraine. To act now, in solidarity, will ensure that our work will not have to suffer because of that stand.”