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‘Women@PACE’ members strongly condemn the use of rape as a weapon of war in Ukraine


Meeting in Strasbourg for the second time, members of the Women@PACE group have strongly condemned the numerous reports of rape and sexual violence against women and girls in Ukraine, and the huge and overall disproportionate impact the Russian Federation’s aggression is having on women and children in the country. The United Nations, through Security Council Resolution 1820 (2008), recognised that rape and sexual violence can constitute a war crime.

“We remain speechless at the reports of rape and sexual violence committed against women and children in Ukraine, as well as the surge in cases of human trafficking. These crimes are simply horrifying and unacceptable, and we call on Council of Europe member States to do everything in their power to prevent and combat violence against women and children, to investigate the use of rape as a war crime, and to ensure justice and accountability,” the Women@PACE members said.

At the same time, members also raised the particular and fragile situation of women and girls who became pregnant after being raped, and the importance of all member States guaranteeing them access to psychological support and health care, including abortion care.