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Integrating a gender perspective in migration policies

Gender and migration

The Standing Committee, meeting today in Dublin, called on member States to fully integrate a gender equality perspective in legislation, policies, programmes and infrastructure, that cater for the needs of migrant people.

In adopting unanimously a resolution today, based on the report by Petra Stienen (Netherlands, ALDE), PACE has proposed a set of measures to States, encouraging them to combat violence, inequalities and discrimination experienced by migrants, especially when they are gender-based and intersectional. It recommended, in particular, the collection of data on different aspects of migration policies, disaggregated by gender, age, ethnicity and legal status, to deal with the matter more effectively.

The parliamentarians also regretted that women are under-represented in migration policy decision making and encouraged governments to ensure equal and meaningful participation of women, particularly women with a migration background, with the possibility of influencing policy decisions. In this respect, the Assembly advocated the introduction of quotas or other temporary positive discrimination measures for migrant women, notably in consultative bodies or expert councils, when devising migration, asylum, and integration policies.