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No. 055 - Aid to less developed areas

Written question No. 55 to the Committee of Ministers | Doc. 848 | 12 September 1958

Question from
Mr Paul DEVINAT, France

M. Devinat

to ask the Committee of Ministers

what action has been taken on Recommendation 158 on aid to less developed areas, which was adopted by the Consultative Assembly on 2nd May 1958; and whether this Recommendation will be examined at the next meeting of the Ministers' Deputies (16th September 1958) having regard to the fact that, in his letter of 31st July 1958, M. Zorlu states that the Committee of Ministers will not be able to take a decision on the date of the next meeting of the Joint Committee until the study of the items on the agenda of the Joint Committee (of which Recommendation 158 is one) has reached a sufficiently advanced stage.