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The United States of America and international law

Written question No. 542 to the Committee of Ministers | Doc. 11541 | 27 March 2008

Question from
Ms Herta DÄUBLER-GMELIN, Germany

Considering that the Committee of Ministers’ reply of 12 July 2007 to Parliamentary Assembly Recommendation 1788 (2006) on the United States of America and international law (Doc. 11456) does not give a comprehensive answer to some of the Assembly’s recommendations,

Mrs Däubler-Gmelin asks the Committee of Ministers, firstly, whether the Committee of Ministers has requested the Government of the United States to provide information on its response to Assembly Resolutions 1340 (2003), 1433 (2005) and 1507 (2006), as well as Assembly Recommendation 1760 (2006) – relating to, in particular, the lawfulness of persons held in Guantánamo Bay and elsewhere, secret detentions and unlawful state transfers of detainees, and the abolition of the death penalty – as well as on measures taken to comply with them, and secondly, what efforts and progress have been made further to Recommendation 1788 (2006) (more than six months after receipt).