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Video surveillance of public areas

Reply to Recommendation | Doc. 11692 | 21 July 2008

Committee of Ministers
Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 9 July 2008, at the 1032nd meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies.
Reply to Recommendation
: Recommendation 1830 (2008)
1. The Committee of Ministers has noted with interest Recommendation 1830 (2008) of the Parliamentary Assembly on video surveillance of public areas. It has drawn the recommendation to member states’ attention and has referred it for consideration and possible comments to the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ).
2. The Committee of Ministers attaches great importance to human rights in the information society and agrees with the Parliamentary Assembly that there is a need to further consider the principles and guidelines necessary to balance the public interests involved with the human rights and freedoms of individuals in a democratic society.
3. The Committee of Ministers has taken note of the Assembly’s proposal in paragraph 2 of the recommendation concerning the organisation of a conference on video surveillance and, in the light of preliminary comments received from the CDCJ, has transmitted this idea to the European Committee on Legal Co-operation (CDCJ) and to the Consultative Committee of the Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data (T-PD) for further consideration.