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Identity documents and databases

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 11748 | 10 October 2008

Lord Tim BOSWELL, United Kingdom, EDG ; Mr Konstantinos AIVALIOTIS, Greece, EDG ; Mr Mevlüt ÇAVUŞOĞLU, Turkey, EDG ; Mr Nigel EVANS, United Kingdom ; Mr John GREENWAY, United Kingdom ; Mr Davit HARUTYUNYAN, Armenia, EDG ; Mr Tomáš JIRSA, Czech Republic, EDG ; Mr Øyvind VAKSDAL, Norway ; Mr David WILSHIRE, United Kingdom, EDG ; Ms Karin S. WOLDSETH, Norway

Noting the right of member states to require their citizens and nationals to carry identity documents and recognising the importance of effective and co-ordinated measures to combat the growing threat of extremism and terrorism; noting that not all member states currently require citizens to carry identity cards and that some are planning to;

We urge the Assembly to prepare a code of conduct for introducing identity documents based on the following criteria:

  • all obligations imposed on citizens must be appropriate and proportionate;
  • all obligations imposed on citizens must be in line with the European Convention on Human Rights and the values of the Council of Europe;
  • all obligations should be imposed equally on all citizens;
  • all obligations should involve citizens in the minimum amount of personal expense;
  • data should not be communicated to a third party;
  • data should be destroyed when its requirement lapses;
  • all national systems should maintain strict security over stored data;
  • communications between databases should only take place in strictly controlled circumstances;
  • implementation should be cost-effective;
  • all member states should consult with its citizens fully and base its decision on popular opinion;
  • all citizens should be given the right to know what information about them is being held on a national database.