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Elderly drivers: transnational harmonisation of driving aptitude

Motion for a resolution | Doc. 12315 | 23 June 2010

Mr Maximilian REIMANN, Switzerland, ALDE ; Ms Doris BARNETT, Germany, SOC ; Ms Marieluise BECK, Germany, ALDE ; Mr André BUGNON, Switzerland, ALDE ; Ms Josette DURRIEU, France, SOC ; Mr Tuur ELZINGA, Netherlands, UEL ; Ms Doris FROMMELT, Liechtenstein, EPP/CD ; Mr Marco GATTI, San Marino, EPP/CD ; Mr Andreas GROSS, Switzerland, SOC ; Ms Anna LILLIEHÖÖK, Sweden ; Mr Arthur LOEPFE, Switzerland, EPP/CD ; Mr Theo MAISSEN, Switzerland, EPP/CD ; Ms Liliane MAURY PASQUIER, Switzerland, SOC ; Mr José MENDES BOTA, Portugal, EPP/CD ; Mr Felix MÜRI, Switzerland, ALDE ; Mr Gebhard NEGELE, Liechtenstein, EPP/CD ; Mr Leander SCHÄDLER, Liechtenstein, EPP/CD ; Ms Marina SCHUSTER, Germany, ALDE ; Ms Tineke STRIK, Netherlands, SOC ; Mr Paul WILLE, Belgium ; Mr Emanuelis ZINGERIS, Lithuania, EPP/CD

The driving aptitude requirements for senior citizens should be harmonised in all countries. It is absolutely essential to avoid a situation in which the national driving licences of elderly drivers are not recognised in all countries.

Certainly, driving ability diminishes with age, although this varies significantly from individual to individual. Consequently, there is a growing trend at national level to restrict driving licences once people have reached a certain age, by limiting the duration of their validity, obliging drivers to undergo medical examinations or take driving tests, etc. In Switzerland, for example, there are plans to make driving licences for the over 70s valid for two years only, renewable subject to a driving aptitude test and a medical assessment.

Driving is a typically cross-border activity, and this is also true for senior citizens. Accordingly, it is essential to avoid a situation in which the validity of driving licences varies from one country to another.

There is therefore an urgent need for international harmonisation. The Council of Europe should play a pioneering role in this in Europe.