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The release on bail of Saban Baran in Turkey

Written question No. 587 to the Committee of Ministers | Doc. 12331 | 07 July 2010

Question from
Mr Pieter OMTZIGT, Netherlands

Saban Baran received a seven and a half years sentence for, inter alia, forced prostitution of more than 100 women in the Netherlands. He was furthermore sentenced, in absentia, to eight years on two accounts of attempted murder.

His girlfriend visited him in prison and became pregnant. The Dutch authorities gave him a short release to visit his newborn baby last September. He fled to Turkey instead.

In February 2010, the Turkish authorities arrested him on multiple charges, but they have just released him on bail. There is a real risk that he will try to escape again.

 Mr Omtzigt,

To ask the Committee of Ministers

  • Do they agree that the co-operation between Turkey and the Netherlands in prosecuting, bringing to trial and executing the sentence of Saban Baran could be improved considerably? If so, what steps do the Committee of Ministers advise Turkey and the Netherlands to take to improve that co-operation? And what is the reply of both the Netherlands and Turkey to those suggestions for better co-operation?
  •  Do they agree that, given his history, it is not wise to release this man on bail? If so, will they inform the competent authorities openly and clearly of this and ask them to cancel the bail?
  •  Which steps should be taken by the Turkish and Dutch authorities to ensure that Saban Baran gets a speedy and fair trial and that justice is done for the crimes for which he has already been condemned in the Netherlands?