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The release on bail of Saban Baran in Turkey

Reply to Written question | Doc. 12468 | 17 January 2011

Committee of Ministers
adopted at the 1102nd meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (12 January 2011) 2011 - First part-session
Reply to Written question
: Written question no. 587 (Doc. 12331)
1. The Committee of Ministers notes that the question raised by the Honourable Parliamentarian is a matter of legal assistance in criminal matters. The Netherlands and Turkey have already had several (high-level) talks about the case of Mr Saban Baran and are determined to use all available legal remedies. Co-operation between the two countries concerned is to mutual satisfaction and it is not felt that steps need to be taken to improve this co-operation.
2. The two delegations have informed the Committee of Ministers of this positive co-operation. The Netherlands and Turkey have already agreed that, subject to Mr Saban Baran’s conviction by the Dutch courts becoming final, he could serve his sentence in Turkey.
3. The Turkish Delegation has informed the Committee of Ministers that the decision to release Mr Saban Baran on bail concerns a case where he was tried on the grounds of a crime that has no connection to the crimes he had committed in the Netherlands. Mr Baran is currently under judicial control in Turkey pending indictment following the completion of an investigation that is being conducted on the grounds of “laundering money acquired through crime”.
4. The Netherlands’ Delegation has indicated to the Committee of Ministers that, following the escape of Mr Saban Baran, internal prison rules in the Netherlands regarding granting leave from detention on account of personal circumstances will be reviewed.