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Ensuring the use of the Code of good practice in electoral matters

Reply to Written question | Doc. 12469 | 17 January 2011

Committee of Ministers
Adopted at the 1102nd meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (12 January 2011). 2011 - First part-session
Reply to Written question
: Written question no. 589 (Doc. 12426)
1. The Committee of Ministers recalls that it adopted, on 13 May 2004, a Declaration on the Code of Good Practice in Electoral Matters. In this declaration, the Committee notably recognises the importance of the code “which reflects the principles of Europe’s electoral heritage, as a reference document for the Council of Europe in this area, and as a basis for possible further development of the legal framework of democratic elections in European countries”. From this point of view, it notes that the code of good practice is being used as a reference in the context of the pre-electoral assistance activities implemented by the Council of Europe.
2. In addition, in its declaration, the Committee “calls on governments, parliaments and other relevant authorities in the member states to take account of the Code of Good Practice in Electoral Matters and to have regard to it, within their democratic national traditions, when drawing up and implementing electoral legislations as well as making sustained efforts to disseminate it more widely in the relevant circles”.
3. The Committee of Ministers remains determined to ensure that all elections within the Council of Europe member states are held in conformity with the principles of Europe’s electoral heritage and to provide its support to activities designed and implemented by the Organisation in this field.