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Honouring of obligations and commitments by Bosnia and Herzegovina

Reply | Doc. 12074 | 27 October 2009

Committee of Ministers
adopted at the 1068th meeting of the Ministers’ Deputies (20-21 October 2009) 2009 - November Standing Committee
Reply to
Recommendation 1843 (2008)
1. The Committee of Ministers has taken note of Recommendation 1843 (2008) on the “Honouring of obligations and commitments by Bosnia and Herzegovina”. Both Recommendation 1843 (2008) and Resolution 1626 (2008) concur with the conclusions of the Committee of Ministers under its own monitoring procedure.
2. Concerning the expressed need to further develop the existing co-operation programmes (points 2.2 and 2.3 of the recommendation), the Committee of Ministers is determined to reinforce its assistance activities in the key areas of the Council of Europe's expertise.
3. In this respect, the Committee of Ministers would like to refer to a co-operation programming document which it has recently approved and which lists the existing and proposed action of the Council of Europe in Bosnia and Herzegovina for 2009-2011. The package of priority action covered by the document includes areas of constitutional reform, human rights (including strengthening the application of the European Convention of Human Rights, the fight against ill-treatment and freedom of expression), rule of law activities (such as prison reform, fight against corruption and organised crime) and democracy and good governance (including activities on electoral legislation and civic participation). The document also includes action on education reform and promoting social cohesion in the country.
4. The implementation of the above activities should contribute to Bosnia and Herzegovina's fulfilment of commitment and obligations undertaken by the country upon accession to the Council of Europe. The Committee of Ministers considers it important that Bosnia and Herzegovina makes better use of its membership in the Council of Europe, notably by participating in the work of its specialised committees and by submitting relevant legislative drafts to the Council of Europe for review.
5. The Committee of Ministers concurs with the Assembly on the need to make full use of the new funding opportunities, including within the framework of the European Union's Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance. In this context, the Council of Europe office in Sarajevo has close co-operation with the European Commission. This co-operation should be reinforced with the development of several new projects, including a proposal for a large anti-corruption initiative, which is currently being discussed with the authorities. The Committee of Ministers would like to underline that a considerable amount of additional funding for the proposed programmes is still required and would therefore appreciate any support by member states and national delegations of the Parliamentary Assembly to identify complementary funding options.