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Council of Europe and commitments by Russia

Written question No. 612 to the Committee of Ministers | Doc. 12865 | 01 February 2012

Question from
Mr Giorgi GABASHVILI, Georgia, EPP/CD

For more than 6 years, Parliamentary Assembly failed to produce the monitoring report on the fulfillment of commitments and obligations by the Russian Federation. Recently, we have been assured that soon enough this report will be out and the Assembly will be able to do its job properly in this regard.

The first part of the description above holds true for the Committee of Ministers too. The Committee of Ministers, pursuant to its own decisions was following the developments in the Russian Federation and regular reports were produced with this aim. However, one cannot find these documents for certain period by now, yet without any relevant decision taken on this matter.

Mr Gabashvili,

To ask the Committee of Ministers,

Does the Committee of Ministers plan to implement its own decisions adopted previously and if yes, when the next report about the Russian Federation is to be expected?