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Youth representation at national level

Order 454 (1990)

Parliamentary Assembly
See Doc. 6257, report of the Committee on Culture and Education, Rapporteur : Mr Kollwelter. Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 3 July 1990.
1. The Assembly is following closely the development of youth representation as a means of encouraging participation of young people in political life.
2. The most significant recent changes have taken place in Central and Eastern Europe, both in terms of the formation of pluralistic national youth committees and of the active interest of young parliamentarians in international co-operation.
3. The Assembly welcomes the support already being given by West European national youth committees and the Council of European National Youth Committees to help the emerging youth movements in Central and Eastern Europe organise themselves into coherent and constructive lobbies.
4. An important part is also being played by the series of round tables that has been instituted by the Committee on Culture and Education in developing the dialogue between parliamentary and youth representatives throughout Europe.
5. The Assembly wishes also to respond positively to the appeal addressed to it to assure the continuity of the initiative of the Polish Parliament, which held in autumn 1989 a Forum of young parliamentarians of Europe, the United States and Canada.
6. It therefore instructs its Committee on Culture and Education (and in particular its Sub-Committee on Youth and Sport), in collaboration with other interested Assembly committees and with the European Youth Centre and the European Youth Foundation :
a to organise seminars and occasional major conferences open to parliamentarians designated by the CSCE parliaments, for discussion of specific youth questions and other matters of interest to young parliamentarians ;
b to assist the establishment of a network between the younger parliamentarians of all CSCE parliaments ;
c to continue its series of round tables between parliamentary and youth representatives on the same geographical basis.