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Transfer of sensitive technology to developing countries

Order 457 (1991)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 29 and 30 January 1991 (21st and 23rd Sittings) (see Doc. 6337, report of the Committee on Science and Technology, Rapporteur : Mr Klejdzinski ; Doc. 6367, opinion of the Committee on Economic Affairs and Development, Rapporteur : Mr Miville ; and Doc. 6373, opinion of the Committee on Relations with European Non-Member Countries, Rapporteur :Mr Atkinson). Text adopted by the Assembly on 30 January 1991 (23rd Sitting).
1. The Assembly refers to its Resolution 956 on the transfer of technology to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe.
2. The report and the debate which preceded the adoption of this resolution revealed that certain supposedly ‘‘civilian'' technologies can be used for military purposes and must therefore be considered as strategic items.
3. Recent events, which were sparked off by the invasion of Kuwait and subsequently developed into a general crisis, have also demonstrated that the uncontrolled export of goods and technologies, even if they are not military items as such, can result in the goods concerned being transformed into instruments of war and death in the hands of irresponsible leaders.
4. The crisis in the Gulf has also revealed that the industrialised nations, in the West as in the East, have no global strategy and no means of co-ordination with regard to the transfer of sensitive technology to developing countries.
5. It therefore invites its Committee on Science and Technology and its other competent committees to study this question and report back to it.