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Honouring of commitments entered into by new member states

Order 488 (1993)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 29 June 1993 (39th Sitting) (see Doc. 6882, motion for an order presented by Mrs Halonen and others). Text adopted by the Assembly on 29 June 1993 (39th Sitting).
1. Recent Assembly opinions on applications for membership of the Council of Europe refer to specific commitments entered into by the authorities of the candidate states on issues related to the basic principles of the Organisation.
2. The Assembly considers that the honouring of these commitments is a condition for full participation of parliamentary delegations of new member states in its work.
3. The Assembly therefore instructs its Political Affairs Committee and Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights to monitor closely the honouring of commitments entered into by the authorities of new member states and to report to the Bureau at regular six monthly intervals until all undertakings have been honoured