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Necessary agricultural and rural policies reforms in Europe

Order 490 (1993)

Parliamentary Assembly
See Doc. 6830, report of the Committee on Agriculture, Rapporteurs: Mrs Anttila and Mr Lanner Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 3 September 1993.
1. The Assembly recalls its Recommendation 577 (1970) on a European Agricultural Charter, Recommendation 1165 (1991) on the follow-up to the European Campaign for the Countryside, Recommendation 1167 (1991) on the crucial role of food supply in helping to consolidate democracy in central and eastern Europe, and Recommendation 1174 (1992) on pan-European co-operation in the field of agriculture.
2. The Assembly attaches the greatest importance to a balanced and harmonious development of rural regions in Europe for the preservation of a living countryside and a sustainable resources management policy.
3. With a view to facilitating further progress towards European integration and co-operation, the Assembly is of the opinion that reforms of rural and agricultural policies should be based on common guidelines for sustained rural development and environmental responsibility.
4. Consequently, the Assembly instructs its Committee on Agriculture, in co-operation with other Assembly committees and representatives of interested parties, notably the European Community, the Standing Conference of Local and Regional Authorities of Europe, the Assembly of European Regions, and the European Centre for Rural Interests, to draw up proposals for a European rural charter, laying down such common guidelines.