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Protection and management of fresh-water resources in Europe

Order 492 (1993)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 1st October 1993 (51st Sitting) (see Doc. 6909Doc. 6909, report of the Committee on the Environment, Regional Planning and Local Authorities, Rapporteur: Mr Ruffy; and Doc. 6939, opinion of the Committee on Science and Technology, Rapporteur: Mr Birraux). Text adopted by the Assembly on 1st October 1993 (51st Sitting).
1. The Assembly welcomes the success of the "Freshwater Europe" action programme, which brought together the various groups involved in water management (decision-makers at all levels, the business, scientific and technical communities, non-governmental organisations, etc.) with a view to discussing and drawing up the main lines of a pan-European water-management policy and generating greater awareness of the challenges involved in water management.
2. It wishes to draw particular attention to the significance of the resulting proposals, aimed at integrating water management in a pan-European regional planning policy.
3. It also welcomes the contribution the action programme has made to increasing public awareness and the understanding of the problems involved in water management.
4. It stresses the importance of proper management of freshwater resources in respect of both economic development and the daily lives of Europe's citizens, and underlines the role the Council of Europe must play in stimulating and integrating action at European level.
5. The Assembly accordingly instructs its Committee on the Environment, Regional Planning and Local Authorities:
5.1 to monitor the implementation of the proposals contained in Recommendation 1224 (1993) on the protection and management of freshwater resources in Europe and to report back to it by the end of 1995;
5.2 to participate in activities organised in this field by other Council of Europe bodies so as to ensure that full advantage is taken of the experience gained during the action programme.