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Relations between the Council of Europe and the United Nations

Order 500 (1994)

Parliamentary Assembly
See Doc. 7178, report of the Political Affairs Committee, Rapporteuse: Mrs Err. Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 10 November 1994.
1. The Assembly refers to its Recommendation 1252 (1994) on relations between the Council of Europe and the United Nations.
2. It instructs:
2.1 the Political Affairs Committee:
a to draw up a report on the political challenges facing the United Nations and its necessary restructuring;
b to establish regular dialogue with the Director General of the United Nations Office in Geneva;
c to hold a meeting of its Sub-Committee on Relations with the United Nations in principle once a year in New York on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly;
2.2 the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights to establish regular contacts with the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, the United Nations Centre for Human Rights and the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights.