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Action programme for environmental education in teacher training

Order 505 (1995)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 1 February 1995 (5th Sitting) (see Doc. 7189, report of the Committee on Culture and Education, rapporteur: Mrs Ryynänen; and Doc. 7221, opinion of the Committee on the Environment, Regional Planning and Local Authorities, rapporteur: Mrs Robert). Text adopted by the Assembly on 1 February 1995 (5th Sitting).
1 Having regard to its Recommendation 1258 (1995) on an action programme for environmental education in teacher training,
2 The Assembly asks its Committee on Culture and Education :
2.1 to monitor the implementation of the action programme and to report back to it by the end of 1966;
2.2 to participate in activities organised in this field by the Council of Europe so as to ensure that full advantage is taken of the experience gained during the action programme.