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Programme budget for the operational expenditure of the Assembly in 1986

Opinion 124 (1985)

Parliamentary Assembly
See Doc. 5418, report of the Committee on the Budget and the Intergovernmental Work Programme. Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 4 July 1985.

The Assembly,

1. Having regard to the texts relating to the power of the Assembly in budgetary mattersNote ;
2. Having taken note of the decisions taken by the Committee of Ministers on the programme budget for the operational expenditure of the Assembly in 1985,
3. Appreciates the effort made by the Committee of Ministers to enable the Assembly to cover its additional expenditure in organising the 6th Parliamentary and Scientific Conference ;
4. Notes that the Committee of Ministers has agreed to one of its two requests for the upgrading of A2/A3 posts to A4 in the Office of the Clerk and reiterates the importance it attached to staffing changes in the Office of the Clerk in the 1986 budget ;
5. Invites the Committee of Ministers to authorise the Bureau of the Assembly again in 1986 :
5.1 to make, in certain cases, arrangements for interpretation in additional non-official languages at debates or conferences organised within the scope of the Assembly's external relations, up to an amount of 30 000 FF (under Sub-head 84) ;
5.2 to charge to Sub-head 84, up to an amount of 50 000 FF, the cost of translating texts from a non-official language of the Assembly into one of the official languages of the Council of Europe ;
6. Adopts the following opinion concerning its operational expenditure for 1986 (Vote III of the Council of Europe budget).


Table of requested changes in real terms for 1986 compared with initial appropriations for 1985

VOTE III - Expenditure pertaining to the Assembly Initial appropriations for 1985 Changes in real terms proposed for1986
79 - Salary, allowances and social charges of the Clerk of the Assembly 668 200  
80 -Remuneration of permanent staff 14 027 000  
80 bis - Assembly staffing changes   350 000 (3)Note
    200 000[4]
81 - Staff recruited to fill vacant permanent posts on a temporary basis 60 000  
82 - Expenses on arrival and departure, home leave 135 000  
83 -Overtime and allowances for exceptional duties 71 000  
84 - Remuneration and accessory charges for temporary conference staff 9 264 000 345 000[5]Note