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Requests for consultative status from international non-governmental organisations

Recommendation 70 (1954)

Parliamentary Assembly
(see Doc 316Doc 316, Report of the committee appointed to examine requests by international non-govemmentaJ organisations for consultative status) This Recommendation was adopted by the Assembly at its 29th Sitting, on 24th September, 1954

The Assembly,

Having regard to its Opinion No. 6 (1953) on the principles which should govern relations between the Council of Europe and international non-governmental organisations ;

Having regard to the provisions laid down by agreement between the Committee of Ministère and the Assembly concerning the granting of consultative status to such organisations ;

Having eonsidered the applications submitted by the organisations concerned,

1. Recommends that the Committee of Ministers grant consultative status to the following organisations in the categories indicated :
a Category A : European Centre for Demographic Studies ; European Confederation of Agriculture ;Council of European Municipalities ;International Federation of Agricultural Producers ;International Union of Local Authorities ;
b Category B : European Youth Campaign ;World Veterans Federation ;Free International Federation of Deportees and Internees of the Resistance ;
2. The Assembly does not recommend the granting of consultative status to the iollowing organisations :International Association for Vocational Guidance ;Agudas Israel World Organisation (Union of Israël World Organisation).