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Assistance to newly developing countries

Recommendation 332 (1962)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 21st September 1962 (12th Sitting) (see Doc. 1476, Report of the Political Committee). Text adopted by the Assembly on 21st September 1962 (12th Sitting).
1. The Assembly,
2. Being convinced that development presents the free world with problems of growing importance and urgency from year to year ;
3. Noting with satisfaction that the OECD, to which the Committee of Ministers referred Recommendation 288, has endeavoured to co-ordinate the policies of member States towards newly developing countries ;
4. Noting that the Development Assistance Committee, after a year's work, has now drafted a report whose broad lines correspond to the ideas put forward in Recommendation 288 and earlier Recommendations ;
5. Considering, however, that the work of the Development Assistance Committee has not yet led to the signature of any intergovernmental agreement within OECD, and that, so far, everything depends entirely upon the inclination of Governments and on their willingness to carry out individually the policies and methods jointly elaborated,
6. Recommends member Governments to approve and support the proposals of the Development Assistance Committee, and to formulate a common policy within OECD, by means of intergovernmental agreement, with the object of securing maximum effectiveness in assistance, whether bilateral or multilateral, to countries in process of development.