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GATT and the possible conclusion of European interim trade arrangements

Recommendation 429 (1965)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly Debate on 29th September 1965 (12th Sitting) (see Doc. 1951Doc. 1951), Report of the Economic Committee. Text adopted by the Assembly on 29th September 1965 (12th Sitting).

The Assembly,

1. Deeply concerned about the political and economic consequences of the present economic split in Western Europe ;
2. Believing that these consequences might be somewhat alleviated but never wholly obviated by even a most successful outcome of the Kennedy Round negotiations in GATT ;
3. Reaffirming that while these negotiations should at present be given first priority over any other efforts in the commercial field ; deeply concerned about the danger of a failure of the Kennedy Round caused by the internal crisis of EEC which cannot at present effectively participate in the negotiations ; believes that no time should be lost in preparing solutions for the specifically European problems arising out of the Six-Seven split ;
4. Emphasising that full Western European support must be given to the GATT organisation, and that, consequently, no solution should be attempted unless it can be reconciled with the rules and practices of that organisation, and can assist in developing the full use of the resources of the world and expanding the production and exchange of goods ;
5. Considering that the developing countries can expect more effective assistance and a more generous attitude from an economically integrated Western Europe than they can envisage if the division of Europe is allowed to deepen ;
6. Convinced that several alternatives exist for the solution of Western Europe's economic problems which are compatible with the GATT treaty, provided that member countries of EFTA and EEC are prepared to adopt an outward looking attitude and to make fair concessions to third parties, whether unilaterally or subject to certain concessions from the latter,
7. Recommends the Committee of Ministers :
a to undertake a further study of all possible alternatives for an interim solution to the economic problems of Western Europe which is compatible with the letter and spirit of the GATT treaty ;
b to initiate, on the basis of these studies, and immediately after the conclusion of the Kennedy Round, another round of negotiations for putting into effect an interim arrangement for Western European trade.