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Economic development of Turkey

Recommendation 431 (1965)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly Debates on 29th and 30th September 1965 (12th and 13th Sittings) (seeDoc. 1975 , report of the Economic Committee). Text adopted by the Assembly on 30th September 1965 (13th Sitting).

The Assembly,

1. Having examined the economic problems of Turkey and having taken particular note of the 5 years' plan and 15 years' development programme ;
2. Appreciating that Turkey has, for a longer period of time than most developing countries, made systematic efforts to bring about a social transformation accompanied by economic expansion and that it has taken the initial steps towards solving the population problem ;
3. Convinced that the further growth of the Turkish economy largely depends on the development of manufacturing industries in branches where the country has a competitive advantage and on the promotion of export industries ;
4. Welcoming the Association Agreement between EEC and Turkey and hoping that this will help to improve its balance-of-payments situation ;
5. Considering that the Turkish people have proven their ability to use foreign aid as well as the country's own resources effectively ;
6. Believing that member Governments of the Council of Europe should continue to aid Turkey, in accordance with the principle that aid and technical assistance, including educational and vocational training, should be given, in the first place, to the less developed member countries ;
7. Considering the important place occupied by Turkey in the Western family of nations and her proven determination to maintain her Western orientation ;
8. Considering the vital necessity for the West to keep its position in this very sensitive region of the Near East at the cross road of civilisations, cultures, ideologies and economic systems, where conditions are rapidly changing ;

Recommends the Committee of Ministers :

to urge member Governments to pay particular attention to the development problems of Turkey in their technical assistance programmes ;
to take the necessary steps to facilitate the granting of both governmental and private credits to Turkey ;
to assume their full share in the consolidation of Turkey's external debt in order to lessen the actual and future strain on its balance of payments.