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Recent developments in international exchanges

Recommendation 432 (1965)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly Debate on 30th September 1965 (13th bitting) (seeDoc. 1959, report of the Committee on Local Authorities). Text adopted by the Assembly on 30th September 1965 (13th Sitting).

The Assembly,

1. Recalling the considerable efforts being made by European municipalities to foster international exchanges ;
2. Considering that European exchanges are an excellent way to obtain the cooperation of youth in bringing about the unification of Europe and international understanding ;
3. Recalling Resolution 211 (1961) establishing a Plan to promote European intermunicipal exchanges and Recommendation 404 (1964) proposing the setting up of an office for international town pairings and exchanges ;
4. Considering that, subsequent to the adoption of Recommendation 404 (1964), the Bundestag of the Federal Republic of Germany on 9th December 1964 adopted a Resolution calling for the establishment of a Youth Office within the Council of Europe, with the object of promoting exchanges of young people ;
5. Considering that, following this Resolution, a Motion has been tabled with the Bureau of the European Parliament recommending the establishment of a European Youth Office within the European Communities ;
6. Considering that, in the absence of a European institution, bilateral agreements, such as the Franco-German Agreement of 5th July 1963, are virtually the only means of promoting the exchanges of young people ;
7. Taking formal note that a bilateral agreement was recently concluded between the United Kingdom and the Federal Republic of Germany and that other projects of a similar nature appear to be under consideration ;
8. Considering that the Council of Europe should co-ordinate and promote international exchanges and should seek to unite bilateral tendencies in a multilateral scheme with a European fund at its disposal ;
9. Considering that, as a result of the pairings and permanent relations that exist between municipalities, local authorities have an important part to play in the exchange movement, and in this way provide valuable assistance in promoting and spreading European ideas,

Recommends the Committee of Ministers :

To reconsider its attitude with regard to the establishment of a body for international town pairings and exchanges between Council of Europe member countries able to function as a centre for information and consultations, more particularly with a view to establishing new pairings and permanent exchanges links ;
To make arrangements to associate local authorities with the activities in question in view of the great importance of these authorities in bringing unorganised youth into European exchanges ;
To endow the proposed body with a European fund by means of which it will be able further to promote exchanges and secure the participation of all member countries of the Council of Europe ;
To request member Governments to continue or to grant, in the meantime, financial assistance to local authorities and youth organisations, particularly under the Plan to promote European intermunicipal exchanges