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Agricultural policies in Europe

Recommendation 452 (1966)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debates on 25th and 26th January 1966 (19th, 20th and 21st Sittings) (seeDoc. 2008, report of the Committee on Agriculture). Text adopted by the Assembly on 26th January 1966 (21st Sitting).

The Assembly,

1. Considering that the economic and social progress of the European peoples requires that the most productive use should be made of available resources in all sectors including the agricultural sector ;
2. Noting with concern that the economic division of Europe engenders progressively more adverse consequences in agricultural trade, to the detriment both of the consumer and of the efficient producer ; considering that the absence of measures to establish a wider agricultural market in EFTA results in an unbalanced development of agriculture in the two economic groupings ;
3. Stressing the need for endeavours to mitigate these consequences, and believing that a successful outcome of the Kennedy Round negotiations in GATT would be an important step in this direction ;
4. Deploring that the present internal crisis of EEC is arresting the organisation of the Community, as the nucleus of wider European unity, and holding up the negotiations in the Kennedy Round ;
5. Endorsing the wish expressed by the European Parliament that "a fairer and economically more satisfactory relationship between the prices of the different agricultural products should be realised" within EEC, and hoping that in this context due account be taken of the resources and outlets offered by other European countries ;
6. Reaffirming its conviction that European agricultural policies should take account of their repercussions on world economic relations ;
7. Considering that, as for all other branches of the economy, it is important that agriculture, in order to be able to plan ahead, should know in which direction the development of markets is likely to proceed,
8. Recommends the Committee of Ministers to invite member Governments :
a to seek, as an urgent task and in accordance with the agreed objective in respect of agricultural products, to assure a successful outcome of the Kennedy Round negotiations in GATT ;
b to develop long-term policies which will ultimately achieve a wider European market for agricultural products ;
c in pursuance of this objective, to aim at an adjustment of the agricultural prices which would offer fair conditions of competition as between producers in different European countries ;
d meanwhile, in order to prevent disruptions of trade, to envisage the possibility of concluding agreements between the main European agricultural trading partners.