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Social protection of independent farmers and members of their families working or living with them

Recommendation 456 (1966)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 27th January 1966 (23rd Sitting) (see Doc. 2021, report of the Committee on Agriculture). Text adopted by the Assembly on 27th January 1966 (23rd Sitting).

The Assembly,

1. Having studied the report of the Committee on Agriculture (Doc. 2021) which takes account of the views expressed by the Social Committee (Doc. 2010) and the Legal Committee (Doc. 2009), and whose purpose is to ensure for farmers and their families economic and social rights equivalent to those guaranteed to wage-earners by the European Social Charter ;
2. Considering that the European Social Charter, signed at Turin on 18th October 1961, guarantees agricultural wage-earners the same rights as wage-earners in other sectors of the economy ;
3. Considering that, in the interests of equity and social justice, the said Charter should guarantee equivalent rights to persons engaged independently in agriculture and to members of their families ;
4. Considering that, in most European States, national laws have been promulgated to guarantee to self-employed persons, including farmers, social and economic purity ;
5. Having taken note of the Social Charter for European Agriculture adopted by the 16th General Assembly of the European Confederation of Agriculture, the text of which is given in the Appendix to the above-mentioned report of the Committee on Agriculture (Doc. 2021) ;
6. Considering that there is an immediate need to provide self-employed workers, including farmers and members of their families working with them, with social welfare arrangements similar to those laid down in the European Social Charter for employed workers ;
7. Considering that the long-term objective is to supplement the protection thereby given to farmers in the social field by a European Agricultural Charter acknowledging their fundamental economic rights,
8. Recommends the Committee of Ministers :
a to set up an ad hoc Committee of governmental experts on social and agricultural legislation ;
b to instruct this Committee to draw up a European Agreement which will ensure that self-employed workers, including farmers, and members of their families working with them, enjoy the benefits of social welfare arrangements, in particular of all suitable provisions of the European Social Charter ;
c to invite the Committee, after thorough discussion of its content, to put this Agreement into the most appropriate legal form, which might be that of a Protocol to the European Social Charter ;
d to invite representatives of farmers' and wage-earners' organisations to take part in the Committee's proceedings as observers.