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Council of Europe cultural identity card

Recommendation 885 (1979)

Parliamentary Assembly
acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 22 November 1979. See Doc. 4414, report of -the Committee on Culture and Education Text adopted by the Standing Committee

The Assembly,

1. Recalling its Order No. 364 (1977), on the cultural aspects of tourism, requesting the Committee on Culture and Education to examine the conditions and benefits of the Council of Europe cultural identity card ;
2. Having noted the committee's report (Doc. 4414) ;
3. Considering that developments in cultural policy and the progress of leisure activities since the creation of the card necessitate an updating of the conditions of issue and the benefits conferred;
4. Welcoming the initiative of the Council for Cultural Co-operation in studying ways in which the use of the cultural identity card might be further developed ;
5. Considering that, though its results have been somewhat disappointing, there is still a reason for keeping the cultural identity card provided that the governments decide to make it more effective, particularly by ensuring adequate information,
6. Recommends that the Committee of Ministers :
a request the governments of the states parties to the European Cultural Convention to give more active expression to the principles on which the Council of Europe cultural identity card is based ;
b re-examine the conditions of issue of the cultural identity card and the benefits which it confers, in particular in accordance with the following points :
6.2.1 extension of the categories of those entitled to hold the card ;
6.2.2 technical improvements in the appearance of the card ;
6.2.3 use of national languages ;
6.2.4 regular updating of the leaflet listing the facilities to which cultural identity card holders are entitled, as well as ensuring that these facilities are actually provided ;
6.2.5 informing users and staff likely to have to check cultural identity cards (museum attendants, librarians, etc.) ;
6.2.6 displaying the card in places to which it gives entry ;
6.2.7 decentralisation of arrangements for issue of the cultural identity card ;
c examine the possibility of the Council of Europe's co-operating with the Federation of International Youth Travel Organisations (FIYTO) with the aim of encouraging as wide an interest as possible in the European cultural heritage ;
d associate, to the extent that they may wish to co-operate with the Council of Europe, such international, national and private institutions of a cultural character as the International Federation of PEN Clubs, cultural institutes or museum associations, etc., in order to facilitate the advantages conferred by the cultural identity card.