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Role of education in protection of the environment in Europe

Recommendation 937 (1982)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 29 January 1982 (27th Sitting) (see Doc. 4822, report of the Committee on Regional Planning and Local Authorities). Text adopted by the Assembly on 29 January 1982 (27th Sitting).

The Assembly,

1. Recalling its firm attachment to protection of the natural and built environment in Europe, in which it has always played a leading role ;
2. Aware of the Council of Europe's leading position in environmental education in Europe ;
3. Reaffirming the need for increased efforts in education in order to develop citizens' sense of responsibility for their environment, in relation to necessary technical progress ;
4. Recalling its Recommendation 910 (1981) on European environment policy ;
5. Considering that environmental education should be fully integrated into the educational process in all the member countries, and should be given high priority ;
6. Welcoming the adoption by the Committee of Ministers of Recommendation No. R (81) 9 on environmental education ;
7. Welcoming the recent establishment of the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe, whose policy will be inspired by the principles enumerated in Recommendation No R (81) 9 ;
8. Stressing the interest shown by the Parliamentary Assembly in the initiatives taken by the Foundation, as demonstrated by the participation of Assembly representatives in meetings of the Steering Committee of the Foundation,
9. Recommends that the Committee of Ministers :
a request the governments of member states to inform it of the action taken by them with regard to Recommendation No. R (81) 9 ;
b give their full support to the activities of the Foundation for Environmental Education in Europe ;
c instruct the Secretariat to prepare a draft agreement between the Council of Europe and the Foundation, with a view to entrusting the latter with the implementation of the various environmental education projects relating to the different sectors in the second medium-term plan.