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Aviation security

Recommendation 1010 (1985)

Parliamentary Assembly
See Doc. Doc. 5429, report of the Committee on Economic Affairs and Development. Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 4 July 1985.

The Assembly,

1. Outraged by the recent acts of terrorism perpetrated against innocent passengers and crew of civil aircraft, causing the loss of hundreds of lives, or else keeping them as hostages under savage conditions ;
2. Recalling its resolutions and recommendations on air piracy, on air safety and the unlawful seizure of aircraft, and on the suppression of terrorism, but noting that the proposals formulated in these texts have not yet been implemented fully ;
3. Deploring the continuing epidemic of terrorism in the air and stressing that it calls for strengthened national and international co-operation against terrorism ;
4. Welcoming in this connection the adoption by the European Civil Aviation Conference on 21 June 1985 in Strasbourg of a resolution and statement of policy in the field of aviation security which constitutes a comprehensive and updated manual of security measures embodied in all existing ECAC recommendations and resolutions in the security field ;
5. Deploring also that some countries do not implement fully the relevant international ICAO conventions and recommendations on the unlawful seizure of aircraft and on safety in the air ;
6. Recalling, in particular, its Recommendation 982 (1984) on the defence of democracy against terrorism in Europe and urging the Committee of Ministers to take speedier action on the proposals formulated therein ;
7. Considering that the European Ministers of Justice, at their 1984 meeting in Madrid and again at their recent meeting on 14 June 1985 in Edinburgh, requested that the Committee of Ministers set up, as a matter of urgency, an ad hoc body open to all Ministers who in their respective governments are competent in matters relating to terrorism, and that this body be entrusted with carrying out concrete and relentless action,
8. Recommends that the Committee of Ministers :
a invite the governments of member states as a matter of urgency :
8.1.1 insofar as they have not yet done so, to sign and ratify :
the European Convention on the suppression of terrorism of 1977, notwithstanding paragraph 8.b below ;
the ICAO Convention on offences and certain other acts committed on board aircraft (1963) ;
the ICAO Convention for the suppression of unlawful seizure of aircraft (1970) ; and
the ICAO Convention for the suppression of unlawful acts against the safety of civil aviation (1971) ;
8.1.2 to implement fully the resolution and statement on the ECAC policy in the field of aviation security, adopted in Strasbourg on 21 June 1985 ;
8.1.3 to strengthen international co-operation against terrorism, and to envisage special measures and/or sanctions — without excluding boycott measures — against countries whose authorities show themselves tolerant towards international acts of terrorism or breach the international conventions on air piracy ;
b give urgent consideration to the recommendation of the Colombo Commission that the Council of Europe draw up a new convention on the combating of terrorism, to which all member states will be able to accede ;
c set up a special working party to work out proposals on the best ways and means of implementing the above proposals.