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Reply to the Report on the work of the World Health Organisation

Resolution 51 (1954)

Parliamentary Assembly
(see Doc. 277, Report of the Committee on Social Questions). This Resolution was adopted by the Assembly at its 15th Sitting, on 15th September, 1954

The Assembly has studied with interest the second Report presented to it by the Régional Office for Europe of the World Health Organisation, which has enabled the Assembly to assess the importance of the work carried out by that organisation during the year 1954, and has served to confirm the benefit deriving from this exchange of information between the two organisations.

The Assembly takes this opportunity of thanking the World Health Organisation for the effective assistance provided by its Régional Office in connection with the initial action of the Council of Europe in the matter of public health.

The Assembly warmly appreciates this co-operation, by which the Council of Europe is able to place at the disposal of its member countries, desirous of co-ordinating their efforts in the field of public health, the wealth of experience gained by the World Health Organisation.