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Implementation of the report of the Commission of Eminent European Personalities (Colombo report) (General policy of the Council of Europe - Future of European co-operation)

Resolution 871 (1987)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 27 January 1987 (23rd Sitting) (see Doc. 5668, report of the Political Affairs Committee). Text adopted by the Assembly on 27 January 1987 (23rd Sitting).

The Assembly,

1. Congratulating the Commission of Eminent European Personalities, chaired by Mr Emilio Colombo, on its final report communicated to the Council of Europe in June l986 ;
2. 2. Recalling its Recommendation 1017 (1985) on the future of European co-operation, in the light of the interim report of the Colombo Commission, and the reply by the Committee of Ministers, as well as Resolution 866 (l986) which supported the Commission's proposals aimed at intensifying relations with European non-member countries ;
3. Noting that the final Colombo report makes specific recommendations for priority activities to be pursued by the Twenty-one, taking account of the geographical enlargement of the European Community to twelve and the increase in its powers, reflected in the Single European Act,
4. Declares its determination to continue to implement directly those recommendations which the Colombo report addresses to the Assembly, including the pursuit of closer consultation with the European Parliament, and the organisation of an annual debate on European construction on the basis of an introductory report by the Secretary General ;
5. Recalling its Recommendation 1019 (1985) on the participation of young people in political and institutional life, intends to continue its efforts to encourage greater participation of young people and youth organisations in the areas of European co-operation on which the Colombo Commission has focused attention, and notably the proposal for drawing up a European charter for students and youth trainees ;
6. Attaches importance to closer co-operation between the Council of Europe and the European Community with a view to increasing the material resources available for culture, including implementing the proposals made by the Colombo Commission to set up a European Arts Fund, and along the lines of Recommendation 1018 (1985) on private sponsorship of the arts, to make taxation arrangements to increase private patronage and encourage relevant private initiatives for culture ;
7. Insists on a timetable and arrangements whereby the status of employees of the European organisations can be made more uniform, in accordance with the recommendation in the Colombo report advocating a unified European civil service ;
8. Decides to set up a small follow-up group of members of the Assembly with the permanent mandate to promote the implementation of the recommendations contained in the Colombo report.