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Composition of national delegations (Amendment of Rule 6 of the Rules of Procedure)

Resolution 932 (1989)

Parliamentary Assembly
See Doc. 6101, report of the Committee on Rules of Procedure, Rapporteur : Sir Geoffrey Finsberg. Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 16 November 1989.

The Assembly,

1 Having regard to its Recommendation 1027 (1986) on amendment of Article 25 of the Statute of the Council of Europe, aimed at ensuring the representativeness of national delegations to the Assembly ;
2 Considering that, in its reply to that recommendation, the Committee of Ministers observed ‘‘that there are other ways of implementing it, for instance by amending the Assembly's Rules of Procedure'',
3 Resolves to amend paragraph 5.a of Rule 6 of the Rules of Procedure as follows :‘‘Credentials which give rise to an objection or are contested shall be referred without debate to the Committee on Rules of Procedure. In every case where there is an objection or credentials are contested, the reasons shall be stated and shall be based upon one or more of the relevant provisions of the Statute (in particular Articles 3, 25 and 26), including the democratic principles set out in the preamble to the Statute,Notenotably the principle that national parliamentary delegations should reflect the various currents of opinion within their Parliaments."