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Common European policy for the polar regions

Resolution 1038 (1994)

Parliamentary Assembly
See Doc. 7042, report of the Committee on the Environment, Regional Planning and Local Authorities, Rapporteur: Lord Newall. Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 18 May 1994.
1 The Assembly is convinced of the importance of the role that parliamentary bodies - both national and European - can play as initiators of action and guarantors of democracy in efforts to protect and improve the environment in which we live.
2 The work of the West Nordic Parliamentary Council and of the representatives of the parliaments of the countries of the Arctic region has clearly demonstrated the contribution which concerted interparliamentary action can make to solving the ecological problems of the region.
3 In this context, the Assembly welcomes the holding of the International Conference for Parliamentarians on Development and Protection of the Arctic Region by the Nordic Council (Reykjavik, 16-17 August 1993), at which the Parliamentary Assembly was represented.
4 It particularly welcomes the decision of the conference to establish a standing committee of parliamentarians of the Arctic region.
5 The Assembly also believes that existing institutions, such as the Inter-Parliamentary Union, provide a natural framework for developing parliamentary co-operation in the Antarctic region.
6 The Assembly therefore resolves:
6.1 to help foster parliamentary co-operation in respect of the polar regions and promote the participation of all states with interests or responsibilities in those regions or whose policies are likely to have an impact on them;
6.2 to develop its relations with the Nordic Council and to propose joint action, in particular with the West Nordic Parliamentary Council.