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Situation in Belarus on the eve of the presidential election

Recommendation 1734 (2006)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 26 January 2006 (6th Sitting) (see Doc. 10806, report of the Political Affairs Committee, rapporteur: Mr Andres Herkel; and Doc. 10814, opinion of the Committee on Culture, Science and Education, rapporteur: Mr McIntosh). Text adopted by the Assembly on 26 January 2006 (6th Sitting).

Recalling its Resolution 1482 (2006) on the situation in Belarus on the eve of the presidential election, the Assembly recommends that the Committee of Ministers:

1 include in the agenda of its relevant rapporteur and working groups items concerning Belarus on a regular basis;
2 if political conditions allow, establish a school of political studies in Belarus, or a school of political studies for Belarusian citizens located in a neighbouring Council of Europe member state, easily accessible for Belarusians, with a view to promoting the formation of a Belarusian political elite and the development of a political culture;
3 if political conditions allow, set up an information office of the Council of Europe in Belarus, or use other existing information offices situated in neighbouring countries which are easily accessible for Belarusian citizens, to promote Council of Europe values in the fields of democracy, the rule of law and human rights among the Belarusian public;
4 support the establishment of joint programmes with the European Union and other relevant partners, in the fields of democracy, the rule of law and human rights;
5 facilitate entry by young people from Belarus into the territory of member states, for instance in accordance with the European Agreement on Travel by Young Persons on Collective Passports between the Member Countries of the Council of Europe (ETS No. 37);
6 instruct its inter-governmental committees in which Belarus is involved on the basis of the European Cultural Convention (ETS No. 18) to maintain their contacts with government officials from Belarus at a working level;
7 establish and extend, at the levels of its rapporteur groups and steering committees, contacts with representatives of all democratic political parties, non-governmental organisations and youth organisations from Belarus.