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Refreshing the youth agenda of the Council of Europe

Resolution 1630 (2008)

Parliamentary Assembly
Assembly debate on 1 October 2008 (33rd Sitting) (see Doc. 11696, report of the Committee on Culture, Science and Education, rapporteur: Mr Schneider). Text adopted by the Assembly on 1 October 2008 (33rd Sitting). See also Recommendation 1844 (2008).
1. The Parliamentary Assembly has been a long-standing and active partner in the promotion of youth policies and youth activity in the Council of Europe.
2. A key element has been encouragement of the active participation of young people in civil and institutional life. This is one of the objectives of the European Youth Centres set up in Strasbourg and Budapest. It should be part of youth policy at European, national and local levels.
3. In the context of refreshing the youth agenda of the Council of Europe, the Assembly:
3.1 reasserts the possibility for its committees and sub-committees to meet in the European Youth Centre in Budapest as in Order No. 517 (1996) on the European Youth Centre in Budapest, and take advantage of the facilities offered now by the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg;
3.2 reiterates its request to its political groups to associate their respective political youth organisations in Assembly activities;
3.3 calls on its members, and in particular its younger members, to assume a more active role in championing the views of young people in Assembly debates and in committing themselves personally to involvement in the youth activities of the Council of Europe;
3.4 decides to hold round tables and hearings with youth representatives and young political leaders on subjects of common interest and seek in general the more open involvement of young people in its meetings, missions, and debates;
3.5 urges its members to convey to their own constituencies and their own parliaments awareness of the need to involve young people in discussion of current issues along the lines of the Revised European Charter on the Participation of Young People in Local and Regional Life.
4. The Assembly also calls on young people in general and on youth organisations in particular to insist on the possibilities that exist for interaction with the Council of Europe and in particular with the Parliamentary Assembly.