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Crafts and cultural heritage conservation skills

Resolution 1638 (2008)

Parliamentary Assembly
Text adopted by the Standing Committee, acting on behalf of the Assembly, on 28 November 2008 (see Doc. 11761, report of the Committee on Culture, Science and Education, rapporteur: Baroness Hooper). See also Recommendation 1851 (2008).
1. The Parliamentary Assembly recognises the rich variety of traditional crafts as part of the cultural heritage and an important vehicle for the expression of cultural diversity.
2. It recalls Committee of Ministers Recommendation N°. R (81) 13 on action in aid of declining craft trades in the context of craft activity, its own Resolutions 782 (1982) on craftsmanship and 798 (1983) on 1983, “European Year of the small and medium-sized enterprises and craft trades”, and its Recommendation 1851 (2008) on crafts and cultural heritage conservation skills.
3. It welcomes the initiative of students from the Belgrade University Faculty of Law in drafting a European convention on the protection of old and traditional crafts.
4. The Assembly recalls the role of the ancient guilds in ensuring the social and economic well-being of its members and their families. It welcomes the continuing work of trade associations and unions to this effect and more specifically of such contemporary institutions as the Confartigianato Association of Vicenza (Italy) in support of crafts and craftsmen.
5. It calls on individual craft trades, trade federations and associations and national training groups to identify themselves, to establish European networks, to develop public support and to exploit the educational, economic and tourist potential of their activities.
6. In conclusion, the Assembly calls on the European Union for support from its regional development funds and other sources, such as the Culture Programme, for traditional crafts and in particular for those necessary for heritage conservation.